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World of warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria More Specific Content Exposured

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We hope that nine copies of MoP, there will be challenges mode. If we think they work well, we will certainly be extended to more classic city and team.Shadow Precious Pearl become a new resource, do you have plans to improve the interface to make them easier to be observed ? just as Paladin Beans.If you see the monks resources bar on the Carnival , then we are testing in all professional and specialization thekind of thing. If this model is available, we can help the fark Priest move it to the middle of the screen.because there will have real choices. For now, still not sure what will happen next to big carving patterns. They are likely to die.

Introduced the pet combat system in the MoP. This is a wow po new way to gain experience or courage point?We hope to introduce gain experience in pet fighting, similar to the current collection system on the way. You may not want to completely rely on pets battle to upgrade, but we think it should get rewards if you involved into.We want to try some comments from the players for the cycle. The intent and spirit of the sacred frenzy for some more complex or more players see the face, so we think they are a good alternative mechanism.

In general, when you see the frequency of access new skills, you still feel your role will be strong when leveling one. At the same time there will be many who are not brain core talent, become a gift skills when upgrading.We will make the approaching players duel in the world, but we also have a queuing system to allow close level enterthe war.I found a new talent give the Rogues two new poison, does this mean in the MoP will be re-designed poison? As the assassination Rogue, heavily dependent on a combination of quick and deadly poison to make output, then neither is worth use.

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