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World of Warcraft numbers dip to 5.6mil ahead of expansion reveal

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Yet another of Activision-Blizzard’s always thrilling financial reports has included some World of Warcraft subscription numbers, indicating that subs are down to 5.6 million people.

World of Warcraft numbers operate on such a different plain to other videogame statistics, that there are a couple of ways you can view this news. In one sense, it’s absolutely incredible that this decade old MMO still pulls in numbers that other games can only dream about. 5.6 million subscribers is clearly not to be sniffed at.

But by WoW’s astronomical standards, it is a decline. The Warlords of Dreanor spiked the subscription numbers back up to the 10 million range as recently as late 2014/early 2015. Viewed through that lens, dropping back to 5.6 million within eight months or so is quite a precipitous fall.

However, Blizzard are poised to announce a sixth expansion for the game at Gamescom on 6 August. The last expansion pushed the subscription numbers right back up again. Will it happen once more?

Elsewhere in the financial summary, it was noted that Diablo 3 has now “sold through” more than 30 million copies, globally.

There were also “registered player” numbers of Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, but they were rather unhelpfully bundled up with Destiny. Across all three games, there are 70 million registered. But without the break-down for the individual titles that’s pretty useless as a statistic.


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Wow gold from gathering, looting and questing

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Wow gold from gathering, looting and questing… Everything that you encounter is worth something to someone else… so gather up, loot everything and make your gold instantly!

Gather and Loots to make wow gold
Making gold in-game can be very stressful especially when you don’t know where to start. Making gold shouldn’t be stressful but should be fun and making the wow gold is only a “plus”.

Go Gather! Yeah Gather!
As I always stress to do “Gathering” since this profession is absolutely free and give you more gold sell than the other profession

Loot everything and sell it for reasonable wow gold price!
Every loot in-game that you will be encountering your way will ALWAYS worth something to someone. Pick up everything and sell it on playerauction house and check on their wow gold price first, before selling.

1. Any items with a white text title including herbs, ores and skins; are being use for crafting, quest item or otherwise useful so better save them up first before selling them for gold.

2. Anything with a blue or purple text title is a rare or epic gear. So as long as it’s not yet bind to your character search and wait for the right buyer to get a good cheap wow gold sell price.

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