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Easy to do counterattack Tyrant

Posted by on Jun 6, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on Easy to do counterattack Tyrant

Collection kit, easy to do counterattack Tyrant, collect equipment in Runescape, it can not be too blind, because the equipment is a “hidden mystery” Oh, such suits in gorgeous appearance hides behind the regressed mighty bonuses .

For example, the initial effect Valkyrie suit, as long as the assembly of eight green equipment to activate, get 150 attack power, defense power 300 and 550 of the value of life, the effect is equivalent to enhance the overall strength of more than 100% of the equipment, the opportunity to make opponents knife killed.

More advanced packages can increase attack and defense can be tens of thousands, can enhance the role of the overall property more than 200%, in gang warfare, easily spike a big wave of enemies, very refreshing.

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