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Smedley has opened up about the future of H1Z1

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in news | Comments Off on Smedley has opened up about the future of H1Z1

The orc, on his left, was elderly, but still powerful. The orange fire- and torchlight flickered off the ghastly image he bore on his heavy- jawed face—that of a skull, painted on. He had been a shaman, able to direct and wield vast powers, and even now, even just as a figment of the man’s imagination, he was intimidating.

What Dawn game company president John Smedley has been back to reddit long position is that he envisages the future H1Z1.

The only item mentioned any specific time frame is to increase employment, which will be out later this month Smedley said, would “allow for more character development and more unique skills.” In a more ambiguous “very fast “category for improving the zombie AI, better infrastructure, as well as the return of the weather. Long-term goals include a huge, 16,000 square kilometers of the world (compared to the current 64 square kilometers map it seems to be unthinkable), where players can build the city is ongoing Forgelight2 engine.

Overall, there will be a lot of details, which is understandable development unpredictable, but you think Smedley saying? You still want to remain optimistic H1Z1 first to see more results?

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