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Runescape Dragon Trinkets Alive

Posted by on May 23, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on Runescape Dragon Trinkets Alive

There are always something new in RS Gold Treasure Hunter when weekend is coming. So Dragon Trinkets are this weekend’s new arrival. Once you bear these magical artefacts, you can become a fire-breather’s bane. Time is limited, get yourself stuck in it as soon as possible.

Now from 00:00 UTC game time on May 15th to 23:59 UTC game time on May 18th, log in to the game you will obtain 75 free dragon trinkets. Give them a go and turn to the Treasure Hunter, you can pick up more.
How to use them? These stackable items will sit in your necklace slot or inventory and have a range of functions, which are useful while fighting chromatic dragons.
They can pick up and note dragon bones and hides; give Slayer XP on kills, no Slayer assignment necessary, but stacks with any assignment you do have; Draconic deathblows, 5% chance per hit to instantly kill dragons above 80% life points, with an awesome new animation. This works on any chromatic dragon, except the KBD and QBD; Teleport to dragon locations.
The first three functions of the above activate automatically, whenever applicable. The teleports are activated by right-clicking your trinkets. All of the above functions consume trinkets:
Each item type picked up and noted per kill consumes 1 trinket. So 1 for each baby dragon, and 2 for each adult, including brutal green dragons and the KBD. This does not apply for the QBD.
Each baby dragon killed with a deathblow consumes 1, and each adult 2. The KBD and QBD cannot be instantly killed with trinkets.
The additional Slayer XP consumes 1 per dragon, with the exception of brutal grees, the KBD and the QBD. Slayer XP given is relative to the power of the dragon killed. All teleports consume 5 trinkets.
Note that they are not available on Ironman accounts. This weekend is your best chance to get the dragon trinkets. Log in Runescape right now.

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Runescapes Super Skiller Boss

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There are so many bosses in Runescape Gold , but how about a boss just for skillers. One of the rs players suggested this and here we get the details.

Runescape’s very first, purely skiller boss just for those of us who love to skill. All the excitement, all the risk, and all the profit of a combat boss, but using those artisan and gathering skills that just sit there collecting dust.
Triple S is tiered boss so everyone can get in on the action, but to last to the end, you are going to need to get your skiller on and pull out 80’s or better. This boss can be solo’d but if you’re looking for a fast and profitable kill, you’re going to want to get the team together.
Bring your friends, you clannies or just a bunch of players you met at the door. The more tiers you survive, the better the possible rewards get. Including a shot at three Super Rare and very Powerful skiller items designed just for Living Rock Caverns.
Triple S comes compete with Immunity Points. Run out of those and you’re dead. This is definitely not a safe boss. Just like when you run out of Hit Points, running out of Immunity Points sends Death after you, and you will have to make it back to reclaim your kit from under your Gravestone. Unlike HP however, Immunity Points are drawn from non-combat skills.
The rewards from Triple S include a multi-tool and armour that may be useful against future Skill bosses or just kept for Triple S.

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