Mojang’s Scrolls is shutting down

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In the highly competitive world of videogame development it’s never easy and even Mojang know when to throw in the towel. Today they announced that their strategy/card game Scrolls is to close.

In a post on the official website they announced that they could “no longer sustain continuous development. The update reads:

“After much deliberation, we’ve come to an important decision that we’d like to share: Echoes will be the last major content patch for Scrolls. We won’t be adding features or sets from now on, though we are planning to keep a close eye on game balance.

“Scrolls will still be available to purchase for the time being, and our servers will run until at least July 1st, 2016. All future proceeds will go towards keeping Scrolls playable for as long as possible.

“The launch of the Scrolls beta was a great success. Tens of thousands of players battled daily, and many of them remain active today. Unfortunately, the game has reached a point where it can no longer sustain continuous development.”

It’s not had much of a run as a full release, the game only launched back in December 2014 so perhaps they overestimated their audience and the numbers have dwindled to such a level that it’s just not worth the effort.

Although there will be no new content releases, Mojang will still be selling and supporting the game with balance tweaks. They plan to keep the servers online until at least 1 July 2016.

Today’s announcement will likely be the nail in the coffin for the game as players realise there’s not much point in carrying on with no future updates. The lengthy beta test which ran for a whopping 18 months from June 2013 probably didn’t help.


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Devilian is Trion’s new ARPG MMO which looks uninspiring

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TRION has been reasing their new game for a week or so now and we can finally reveal that it’s called Devilian.

Is this just another Diablo clone? Well kind of but there is a twist. This time you play a race of Devilian who are half human half devil and you will take on two roles which includes either of the main classes such as the casting Evoker (caster), the Shadow Hunter (melee/ranged), the Canoneer (trap laying), and the Berserker (duel weilding heavily armoured).

As the name of the game suggests, there’s a devil inside you and that’s the Devilian form which players can transform into should they have enough Devil Soul collected from killing enemies. Think of the Devilian form as a powerful entity which levels independently from your main role. It’s a similar idea to what we saw in Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms.

Character come with their obligatory skills with each class featuring three skill trees with a new skill point available at every new level reached. It’s an all so familiar formula. There’s also a Talisman system which can augment your skills and these are gained through crafting and will add bonuses to your character that will increase by sacrificing Talismans you don’t find useful.


Unlike games such as Path of Exile and Diablo 3, this is an MMO with both PvE/PvP gameplay and instanced dungeons for up to groups of three. The dungeons will work in a similar way to a typical MMO where you have to learn the boss fights and think strategically. There are also end-game raids which will handle up to nine players. It’s important to point out that the “overworld” is where most of the action will take place and it’s where all players will come together outside of the instanced content.

PvP is being catered for with a 20 vs 20 and 3 vs 3 arenas with capture zone gameplay where control points will spawn NPC helpers when the control point is captured. In PvP you will also have access to the Devilian character mode all the time as well as all your skills.

The social aspect of the gameplay is a point they are stressing with guilds and the formation of guild alliances. Players will be able to send other members of their guild free gifts which will help them grow stronger and there will be a certain amount to dish out each day.

The game is actually being brought to Europe and the US by TRION and it’s being developed by Bluehole who were the team behind TERA which does set the alarm bells ringing. We’ve seen that TRION has the ability to create a solid in-house developed MMORPG such as Rift so how this will fair remains to be seen, but to be frank, Devilian doesn’t look particularly good.

This is a typical looking Korean MMO played out in an ARPG style so it’s not going to appeal to western gamers and Devilian is really aimed more at the MMO audience than the ARPG gamer despite how it looks.

There will be a subscription attached to Devcilian along with a cosmetic cash shop in case you were wondering how TRION expects to fund the game once it’s released.

The official website is now live so you can also check that out and also sign-up for the beta.


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Guild Wars 2 Gold Farming with Warrior

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Guild Wars 2 gold is required for each reason, which is the reason why farming items to help you to get Guild Wars 2 gold is really a necessity. The warrior could farm lots of GW2 gold by soloing. Farming smite spiders within the Underworld will provide you tons of Guild Wars 2 gold that I am sure we all are able to use.

This Build contains the skills below, bonetti’s defense, healing signet, dolyak signet, watch yourself, resilient weapon, Vengeful weapon, sprint and Vengeful Khanhei. Other speed buff is needed too.

To begin you may require from the chamber by utilizing speed buffs to elude the Aatxes. After losing them they’ll go back to the original location. The build is not able to beat Aatxes thus running will be a wise decision.

Upon entering you will have to obtain the mission in the Lost Soul. Should you aggro and mobs you’ll have to sprint to the high cliff in which you began. Should you aggro a Dying Nightmare you need to have the ability to kill it with Vengeful Weapon two times. After you have received the mission many monsters will pop on your min map. Grasping Darkness’s isn’t hard to handle, lure them them out and kill them. Usually several three or four can come at any given time. Just try to aggro any longer Aatxes just run to the high cliff.

Once attracted hit Dolyak together with your axe or sword until the Bonetti’s is billed, then use Vengeful was Khanhei. Repeat all over again until they all are dead. When the three groups of grasping are dead you are able to escape this chamber. It’s essential that you remove the graspings simply since they interrupt and drains, which may be handled with Bonetti’s. But if you are bored of farming Guild Wars 2 gold by endless repeating work, you can try to buy Guild Wars 2 gold. You can get plenty of GW2 gold in short time. Buy GW2 gold now and have better game play!

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Jay Wilson leaves the direction of Diablo 3

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After seven years of hard work, Jay Wilson, Diablo 3 directors, has decided to withdraw from the game to pursue other projects that have nothing to do with the RPG from Blizzard Entertainment, the company that will part.
Wilson explained the reasons for that decision in a recent statement : “The development of Diablo 3 has led me to a creative point where I have really wanted to work on something new in the coming weeks I will begin the transition to a new place inside. Blizzard. Taking this decision was not easy for me and takes me long to conclude that it is correct. ”
Likewise, – new – director wanted Diablo 3 players to reassure his departure: “Diablo 3 is left in good hands, and my departure does not jeopardize the progress of the game will continue leading the team while Blizzard chooses. The new director of the project, since our commitment has always been to offer the highest quality in our games, and that commitment will always be current. ”
Time will tell how it affects the future of Diablo 3’s launch of its director. But – of course – we wish you the best for Jay Wilson in future work within Blizzard.

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FINAL of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in Africa

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Ahhhh, after a whole month, the world cup has ended. Started on Friday June 11th and ended on Sunday July 11th. It is a very interesting competition, with lots of twists and tales, and discussions and a lot of things not even remotely connected to football. But in the end, we saw some great moves and players, and be happy we did, because of all the black presumptions before the start of the FIFA World Cup 2010, this turned out to be a great tournament, with lots of excellent things, but unfortunately a lot of downs as well. But, lets look at this particular game, the last game, the final, between Spain and Netherlands.

Spain became the world champion, after 120 minutes of play, in which we saw a goalless match in the first 90 minutes, and then a superb action in the 116. minute and goal by Andres Iniesta. It was a good game, with not so many chances, but a nervous one as well, at least from the Dutch side. By winning, Spain’s name was written in football history for many reasons. Firstly, it was their first ever World Cup final (hard to imagine? ), and thus, of course, their first ever World Cup title. They are therefore, the third country, after Deutschland and France to combine the World cup title and the European Champion title from two years age at Austria and Switzerland. This is also the first time a European nation won a World cup title while the host nation was outside of Europe. And, so that it is not all about Spain, this was a third final for the dutch, after 1974 and 1978, and their third loss, and they still remain without a World Cup title.

Spain played a better game, no one can deny that. It was clear from the start they had a bigger desire to play attacking football and score a goal, unlike the Dutch who looked more concentrated on stopping Spain than scoring goals themselves. This can be seen by the two chances Sergio Ramos had, and one of David Villa, both give closely wide from the goal. On the other hand, Netherlands were lucky to have all their players on the field in the first half due to all the brutal fouls on Spain players, the most dangerous one being that one of Nigel de Jong on Xavi Alonso, with a high kick to his chest. He got off with a yellow, although it could have easily been a red card. In the second half the same story, although the Dutch, mainly Robben, had a very good counter attack, when his one on one attempt was saved by Casillas. Two more chances for Spain, David Villas attempt saved by a defender after Navases cross, and Sergio Ramos header going over the goal from a corner kick when he was alone, and it was extra time. A 100% chance for Fabregas saved by Stekelenburg in the 95. minute, and Mathijsen shooting over the empty goal were the chances, but two elements were crucial. The second yellow card for Heitinga for pulling Iniesta, well deserved red card, some would say finally, and a goal in the 116. minute. The Dutch wanted to secure penalties and hoped to win it like that, but Spain made a brilliant action and got their deserved goal. And thus they became the eight nation to win a World Cup.

And after the game? Some Dutch players blaming the referee for losing, saying that they had too many yellow cards than they deserved. If anything, they had to have more red cards. They really did play hard physical football, no one can deny that, not even Dutch fans, and they could have easily gotten more reds. The Netherland coach, Van Marwijk, said:”I don’t think the referee controlled the match well. But let me be clear about this: the best team won the match.” And he is right, on both cases. Spain were a better team, with a far bigger desire to play good football. But it is also true Howard Webb, usually known as a good referee, did not have everything under control. He could have, and maybe even should have, shown a red card much sooner, but it was clear he did not want to do that, probably not to ‘kill’ the game. Thus, he did not take control, and the players used that, on both sides, and they could have all finished the game with less then 11 players on the field. But, it is sad therefore to listen and read the next day, after a good game in the final of the World Cup, mostly about the referee and his mistakes and good decisions, then about the game itself and the winners of the FIFA World Cup 2o10 in South Africa.

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What is the best way to watching FIFA football worldcup

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What will you be doing during the FIFA 2010 world cup? Will you be watching every game with some peanuts and a bottle of beer, or will you be switching.

Will you be watching the FIFA 2010 world cup in south africa? The football (soccer) world cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world it has.

Will you be watching south africa v mexico? I working at home today so i may sneak and watch the opening game in the FIFA 2010. players could shot more intelligent; 2. midfield players controlling is emphasized; 3, the physical running track. It has such new features as Precision Movements, Real Physics of Ball, Protecting the Ball, Intelligence of the Compions,. The team which gets advantages from referee always win the match. Then what is the point of playing good Football? Why UEFA or FIFA is not.

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