Crazy cat moving ship L.Y.N.X. 9 Hybrid Controller

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Mad Catz Interactive Inc. recently announced the shipping company Bobcats 9 mobile hybrid controller, designed to provide control and portable smart devices gamepage. The controller is designed for passionate gamers who usually multiple playforms and equipment, the Bobcats played 9 features a patent-pending design, it can be folded, and for travel shirt pocket. According to the Mad Catz’s LYNX 9 is ideal for smart TV and living room browsing. QWERTY keyboard that comes with the bottom surface of the module is connected to the Bobcats 9, and provide on-screen typing skills easily.

“We believe, LYNX 9 represents a landmark mobile game controller leap Today, the game is unrelated to a common format, and most of us play the game in a variety of platforms and locations. The LYNX 9 is designed to provide almost any situation premium gaming experience traditional mobile controller, which means that comfort has to be sacrificed, not suitable for continuous play, the complex is now being introduced to the phone software. thank LYNX clever design 9, Mad Catz has produced, offers a full-size, unparalleled game play, truly portable controller, “said CEO Darren Richardson, President and Mad Catz companies. “For the increasing trend of mobile gaming, and is set to further outbreaks to 2015. We believe that a disruptive, high-quality products like LYNX 9 will enable us to further consolidate the reputation of our leaders in the mobile games and a significant contribution to sales revenue in 2015 ”

The LYNX 9 is designed for precise performance, with wear-resistant metal and high-quality components, rated one million key operation button. In LYNX owners 9, encourage free download LYNX mobile application to their smart devices Andr oid. It will provide players with compatible software constantly updated list, allowing the player to the sensitivity of the thumb sticks and triggers, create custom feel their choice of software, ideal for FPS and action game.

The LYNX 9 for the first time in the 2015 CES in Las Vegas, by appointment only casino located on the Las Vegas Westgate in the Mad Catz suite at the resort, suite number 12121. Mad Catz will launch LYNX visible 9 Controller spoiler CES event occurred in the evening January 6, 2015 in Las Vegas Wynn hotel.