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PLAY STAR TREK ONLINE FOR FREEPlayers in Star Trek Online are still knee-deep in the war against the Iconians, and the latest patch for the game highlights how the war is intensifying. Season 10.5 is live today with a new featured episode detailing the struggle with the fiendish would-be conquerors as well as several improvements for fleets and individuals.

Fleets can now acquire a new fleet holding in the form of a research lab, while several fleets can band together to form an Armada and share resources and expertise. Individual players can take advantage of improved advanced queues, which no longer have failure states that could turn one mistake into a completely lost mission. There’s also a new heavy cruiser available and a new lockbox, offering a wider variety of tools for fighting back against the greatest dangers the Delta Quadrant has to offer.


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World Of Tanks Xbox One Release Schedule Announced

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Having previously announced the World of Tanks Xbox One release for July 28th developers Wargaming took the legendary E3 as an opportunity to reveal additional details on the release schedule surrounding their premier online title. The most exciting element of the new details revealed at this years E3 is that both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 community will have the opportunity to wage warfare on all new fronts in one of the first cross-platform titles in the genre.

“We’re very excited to expand the World of Tanks experience to the Xbox One. There’s a lot of cool and exciting new features designed to bring out the best on that console. The introduction of some first-ever features including cross-platform multiplayer and voice between Xbox 360 and Xbox One and the exciting new PvE mode is going to give gamers, whether they’re already players or not, a whole new World of Tanks experience.”
TJ Wagner, Executive Producer at Wargaming Chicago.
Additionally the developers announced some extra dates surrounding the Xbox One release of World of Tanks:

July 10th – Xbox One players will be able to pre-download World of Tanks and get the install out of the way ready for the beta
July 11th – The beginning of the final beta weekend before release, running for 48 hours
July 28th – Official release of World of Tanks on Xbox One
As well as the cross-platform play between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions all players will carry over existing progress, including vehicles, XP, Silver and Premium account time, across to the newest platform on Xbox One.


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Infinity on FeedTheBeast

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I’ve swapped over to a new minecraft mod, this time it’s Infinity on feed the beast. This mod is a combination of everything I was already using on The Dark Trilogy, with some extras. A lot of extras. One of those mods is called ‘decocraft’ and it’s basically just a huge selection of decorations. They’re made out of special coloured clay, red, green, and blue. You arrange the clay in patterns and out pops awesome decorations. Things like Christmas trees, presents, stuffed animals, that barrel of carrots posted above, I have an entire playground created with the stuff. It’s really quite awesome.

The twilight portal has been set up but so far I haven’t ventured in to see where it takes me. I also haven’t created a portal over to the nether yet. There has been so much to do right here – including getting started with bees. That required me to construct a few apiary, and those are not an easy task for someone playing in survival mode! In fact almost nothing I’ve been crafting has been ‘easy’. I have no idea how people manage to play making use of these mods if they’re in survival mode.

I’m having an awesome time though, and that’s good. The mod leans towards long-term play, which is perfect for someone who wants to stick with just one mod for a while and try to experience everything they can.

I tried my hand at tree grafting, too, but so far I haven’t had any luck with it. I had bees trying to pollinate but none of the leaves were discoloured or mutated (that I could see at least). I’ve tried looking for some tutorials but most of them are .. well. Not enjoyable to watch. If anyone has seen a really good one out there, please let me know!

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The Art of Leveling

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Last I left my mesmer she was level 43, and I was working through my story quests to get caught up. I leveled to 43 mainly through crafting, which I mentioned in a previous post. I picked up a set of tailored gear, a new weapon, and some new trinkets and accessories, ready to face the world.

One thing I really appreciate about Guild Wars 2 is that no matter where you’re leveling, the experience gained equals out. So lets say you’re playing in a lower level area and you’ve auto mentored down (the entire game works this way) so that you’re level 16. Whether you’re playing in that level 16 area or a level 40 area, the experience you gain balances out, so you don’t feel as though you’re wasting your time in that lower level zone. By working on catching my story up to my actually level I managed to ding 47, and all I did was work the story quests which ranged from level 10 to 40, I didn’t go out of my way to do anything else. It was refreshing to know that I could still gain a healthy amount of experience this way and I believe I’ve just started on the level 40 story quests, so I still have a ways to go before I’m completely caught up.

I had a thought to get into some WvWvW but I have absolutely no idea where to start or how things are working in that regard. I think I’ll give it a bit more time before I start to pvp. I had done some way back when on my other account but it has been ages. I’m hopping to gain a level or two a day until I hit 80, and continue working my way through the story quests that are available to me. I know at 80 a whole slew of things opens up and I don’t have the faintest idea where I should begin, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless. I bought a few things from the gem store this week too, of course. I picked up the spring kitten that trails after you (non combat pet), an extra row of bank slots, allowing my items to stack to 500 rather than 250, a package of dye (I got a black, very pleased), an item that lets me salvage, and I think that was the end of my spending spree.

It’s nice to be able to log in for a few minutes here and there and feel as though I’ve accomplished something. I may not be running dungeons yet (I really want to) but seeing the experience creep up is nice. I also like the daily incentives to logging in, I haven’t been playing in the proper zones in order to get the dailies completed, but there’s always a little bag of ‘stuff’ waiting for me at least. It feels a bit like a loot pinata, but I’m not complaining.

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Runescape: Hero’s Welcome and Beach

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There’s cause to celebrate next week as V – the legendary Fremennik hero – returns in our latest quest. Mod Wilson’s here to tell you more.

You can also head to the Lumbridge Crater Beach and catch some rays as the Beach Party kicks off. Mod Sayln gives us the tour. Head to our YouTube channel and subscribe there for more official RuneScape videos.

Adventurer’s Log – 3D Models

The Adventurer’s Log was recently updated to include animated, fully rotatable 3D models of your character.

Works in Chrome or Firefox v38 or later.

The appearance is determined by the last photo taken in-game.

The colour picker can be used to create a green screen effect – handy for video makers.

Visit the Adventurer’s Log now and give it a go!

Dev Blog: Elite Skills

If you haven’t already, check out Mod Timbo’s dev blog on elite skills and Invention.

It’s full of insight on what we have planned for this new type of high-end content – be sure to let Timbo and the team know your feedback!

Podcast – Raids
Mod Matthe rounds up Mods Deg, Avatar and Ramen this week for a chat about Raids – coming next month.

You can listen to the podcast now on YouTube, or head to our Podbean or iTunes pages.

Beta Update

This week, we’ve made an update to the ongoing RuneScape Beta. One new feature we’ve added is the ability to reset the Myreque quest line.

Please note: this is not something we are going to allow in the live game. We are offering it simply for those who wish to replay the Myreque quest line in the run-up to the new quest later this year.

You can do this by speaking to Amelia and Rory in Burgh de Rott within the Beta. This will be available for as long as the current RuneScape Beta period lasts.

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Runescape: Community Corner – June

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We’re back with our pick of the community news for June! Read on to find out about videos, streams, events, and some awesome clan and fan site news! Plus, keep reading for your chance to win some signed concept art!

Videos & Live Streams

Urgnt Justice took to the airwaves for the release of adamant and rune dragons this week, attracting more than 1,000 viewers. If you didn’t catch it, then you missed a real treat – but you can catch up on some of the 8 hour marathon over on Urgnt Justice’s Twitch channel.

The Community Playlist has been updated with some great new videos over on our YouTube channel. Check out this awesome video from WillMissIt as he takes a look at the way players react on update day – we love it!


We’ve got a jam-packed schedule of in-game events throughout the month of June. As ever, there are mass boss battles, skill and chill sessions and minigames galore.

Our featured event this week is the Dress Like your Pet Competition, hosted in conjunction with the Serenity Isle clan. Join us at Burthorpe Bank on Thursday 18th June at 16:00 UTC on World 23.

If skilling or PvM is more up your street, then Mod Lee will be hosting a skill n chill, plus a mass Kalphite King session later in the week. Full details can be found on the JMod Events thread.

As ever, the Mod Events friends chat channel is always open, and there’s always some to chat to! We can’t wait to see you there!


We’ve announced the first details of RuneFest – RuneScape’s annual fan gathering! This year, the event will be taking place on the 3rd October, and we’re returning to Tobacco Dock in London for some Invention-themed fun.

Keep your eyes on the RuneFest forum for more details, plus information about the night before party, and the Golden Gnomes!
Clans & Fan Sites

The Wilderness Guardians have laid down the gauntlet and are challenging you to complete their fiendishly difficult crossword. If you know the city in which the Flying Horse Inn can be found, or the name of a precious gemstone sometimes bartered in Zanaris, then you might be in with a shot of completing it successfully!

Our friends at RuneTime – one of our recognised fan sites – have recently set themselves some new objectives, including offering some amazing community features. Head over to the RuneTime site to check out their new radio station, create a custom signature, or just have a chat on their forums.

Your Submissions

Fancy winning some concept art signed by the RuneScape team? For your chance to win, all you need to do is send us your community news! Is your clan hosting an event? Have you created an awesome video or gone live with an amazing stream?

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