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The new higher-level car bombing in armored warfare action

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Obsidian Entertainment today announced the update 0.16 for the online action fighting MMO release of armored warfare, tanks heading welcome release revised and improved array of community raised. Obsidian Entertainment team in the past few weeks and have been trying to focus on listening to feedback and the community, using the Update 0.16 as the wrong answer many questions and the players have encountered.

The update includes a new high-level vehicle, improved acoustics, new PvE missions and maps, the highly anticipated debut recognition system designed to simplify the online experience and a variety of games and quality improvement hosts.

New high a vehicle: Players will be able to get their hands on the new T-15 HIFV Layer 10 armored fighting vehicles and tanks advanced fighter Layer 7 PTL-02
Spoils system: once the players to participate in every game (regardless of PVP or PVE), they will have to supply me with the opportunity to be rewarded. Whether it is the opportunity to earn supply box and its quality level is heavily influenced by the overall performance of the players in the game, it has a high reputation score to produce better returns, no matter if the player is in the team and the championship no.
According to community feedback to improve the game: a large number of improvements and bug fixes will introduce the core gameplay of armored warfare. These include shooting delay correction, not facing the correct turret and shoot standardization changes. Game features on top of changes, but also to improve the technical performance of the game in general.

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